a novel

a tale of our times

Centered on a young professional couple who realize that to attain the American Dream they need to leave the US behind. But even on distant shores, the forces they are trying to escape filter in and prompt a reckoning: does the Dream lie inside and, if so, can it be separated from the fears and anxieties that also dwell within?


the new normal

Set in a near-future society and framed by a reality tv show the likes of which you’ve never seen.

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An Excerpt

The captain’s here-and-now disappeared. He was a boy again, sitting on his grand-dad’s pram, watching as a bucket of fish—the day’s catch—emptied onto the floorboards. The bucket didn’t seem to have a bottom. The fish just kept pouring and pouring. And the more they poured, the more he kept feeling happy, despite the small boat now being halfway filled with fish and getting fuller by the minute.

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