Pre-order ‘What You Make It’ NOW!

I am very excited to announce that ‘What You Make It: The Authorized Biography of Doug Pinnick’ is available for pre-order on Kindle NOW with a June 8 release date.

Examples of hard rock musicians who’ve appealed to multiple generations are pleasantly frequent. Examples of such musicians who simultaneously straddle the black and white worlds, the gay and straight worlds, and the Christian and secular worlds are much less so.

Doug (dUg) Pinnick—bassist, vocalist, songwriter, frontman, and focal point of King’s X—is that rare musician. His story is equal parts rock n’ roll survival and personal evolution. Sometimes these paths support one another, more often they clash. Their ultimate resolution is not just Doug’s story, or a musician’s story, it is a universally human story.

Telling Doug’s tale requires also telling that of King’s X, and “What You Make It” goes further into the details of this beloved band’s evolution than any work so far.

PRE-ORDER here now!


Note: Pre-order is available for Kindle eBook ONLY. Hard copies will be available for purchase on starting June 8.


3 thoughts on “Pre-order ‘What You Make It’ NOW!

  1. I want this! That sounds childish but their ain’t enough Dug and co. Around! I would love to see a Kings x coffee table type book! It would have everything in about them. Every photo, artwork, fan stuff. A celebration of kings x with contributions by other bands and artists. I’m guessing David Grohl would show up! He seems to be in everything! Never mind where’s Wally! It’s Where’s Grohl! In a hole with a mole! Love y’all 🇬🇧🙏😀

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