King’s X most beloved song ever

Let the games begin!

Much of the fun I had writing ‘What You Make It’ was getting to talk to Doug about songs he wrote and/or recorded and the albums on which they appear. Some he liked at the time but isn’t so fond of now. Some he didn’t like that much back when but have since grown on him.

King’s X has a devoted following. It’s fans love talking about their own favorite songs. And with so much great material to choose from such conversations can be very wide-ranging!

To celebrate both the book and Doug’s fans I’ve assembled a bracket to help determine the most beloved King’s X song ever. This isn’t meant to be definitive (how could it be with one person deciding which songs to include?!), just a fun pastime to encourage discussion.

I included both my personal favorites and songs others seem to like a lot even if they’re not high on my list. I thought about seeding the songs but decided that would add one layer of subjectivity too many, slanting proceedings too far in the direction of my own likes and dislikes. Instead I put the 64 songs I decided to include in a randomizer and placed them in the bracket you see here in the order it generated.

Now it’s time for you to get your favorites to the top! I plan on having one poll each day on ‘What You Make It’s Facebook page until the whole bracket has been completed and the most beloved song ever is crowned. Life being life I might miss a day here and there, but since it’s all for fun anyway, no biggie.

Please share at will. The more King’s X fans we have participating the more representative the outcome will be.

‘What You Make It: The Authorized Biography of Doug Pinnick’ is available NOW!

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