Komatsu – ‘A New Horizon’

The super massive mothersludgers from Eindhoven returned last year with their latest full-length offering on Argonauta Records.  The album titled “A New Horizon” is a fantastic slab of stoner rock heaven.  Mo Truijen’s (guitar/vocals) voice is majestic and powerful as it soars over dense layers of massive groove.  The instrumental track – “Surfing A Landslide” is a moody psychedelic number that takes the listener on a hazy and heavy ride of epic proportions.  The track sequencing alternates beautifully between mid-tempo stompers (“Infected”, “Komatsu”, “I Got Drive”) and slower doomy songs (“10-4”, “Love Screams Cruelty”, “A New Horizon”).  Arrangements are clever and captivating.  Great melodies and memorable hooks that keep the listener engaged.  The tones are thick and heavy yet capturing an astral airy vibe at the same time.  In a genre that can seem over-saturated at times, KOMATSU offers the right amount of character, grit, musicianship, and song writing prowess to distinguish themselves.  All killer and no filler.  Crank this record to 11 and rock the fuck out. – Aamir Hydari

I agree fully with Aamir and would add that every one of these songs is a multi-layered feast for the ears. Little weirdnesses abound but never intrude (or get hokey), pulling you in further the longer you listen. Sometimes it’s spooky. Sometimes it’s spacey. But it’s always HEAVY.

Check the album out here.

And the rest of Aamir’s list here.

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