Review: Machete, Willbringer (by Trevi Biles)

I’ve never reviewed a children’s book. But there’s never been one that moved me the way this one did. Appropriate to the genre, I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Each children’s book has three essential components: a message, a story, and pictures. I’ve ranked ‘Machete,…’ for each. It did very well. I’ve also attempted to summarize what you and your child will take away from the book.


Scores: 1-5 scale

Message – 6

Narrative – 6

Illustrations – 6


Bottom line: Deep human contact is more needed than ever.



The important themes touched on by ‘Machete,…’ include proper behavior in group settings, finding music in nature, the importance of both the arts and determination, leading a simple life, and the fulfillment found in following one’s passions. Biles has triumphed on debut by crafting these lessons without either lecturing or beating the reader over the head. Visually, the use of crayons and colored pencils throughout creates a relatable environment for the younger reader. Bonus points for trusting these readers to be excited about expanding their vocabularies.


Machete bio (2)


[In addition to what’s shown on his bio, Trevi plays bass guitar (And Darkness and Decay, Whorehound, Venomous Maximus), runs an award winning hot sauce company (Big Daddy’s Hot Sauces) with his wife, Becky, and teaches calculus.]

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