Protest 100: Power Trip – ‘Divine Apprehension’

P100 – Divine Apprehension

Artist:          Power Trip

Song:           Divine Apprehension

Album:        Opening Fire: 2008-14

Producer:    Arthur Rizk

Label:          Dark Operative

Year:           2018

This song is the first track (with ‘Suffer No Fool’ and a cover of Prong’s ‘Brainwave’) on Power Trip’s self-titled 7”, released Dec. 30, 2011, through Lockin’ Out Records. It was rereleased in 2018 as part of the bands ‘Opening Fire: 2008-14’ compilation.

In 2013 vocalist Riley Gale told The Quietus that “songs like ‘Hammer of Doubt’, ‘Divine Apprehension,’ and others, often at times boil down to ‘You think you know how it is, but you really have no idea’ – plenty of songs about war and our demise at our own hands. But ultimately, I just want to write songs that make people think about something in a way they may not have thought of before.” RIP Riley.

Excerpt from ‘Unreality’  —
The entire circle would be made whole again; rival schools trying to outdo each other rather than facing a common problem together.


It’s a fine line between faith and ignorance
You cross that line and then you piss all over it
You sell salvation, infested with corruption and lies
Faith-healer, just a madman sickening minds
Idealism as an illness and it must be erased
When all humanity is at stake
Beyond all your greatest efforts
Modern horrors untold
Divine apprehension persists against its greatest foes
(Let’s go)

Pummel fear into the defenseless
Weaken the mind into something senseless
Say it empowers but they become more helpless
And with that power they become more reckless

You see your vision of the truth is so narrow, you’re blind
Soothsayer, just a madman spreading lies
I watch you tremble as the cracks in your foundation break
From the rot of souls’ decay

Divine apprehension resists against the greater force

Orthodox, obliterate
Evangelist, eliminate
Demagogue, I decimate     

‘Protest 100’s mission is two-fold: dispelling the myth that heavy metal is a brainless, socially unaware music genre, and raising awareness of the issues facing our country in the Nov. 3, 2020 election. The path won’t be exclusively metal—some punk and rap and other stuff will be in here too, including the classics—and is not a ranking. All songs are songs I’ve heard while putting this list together, ordered in a manner designed to entertain and educate.

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