Protest 100: Napalm Death – ‘When All Is Said and Done’

Artist:          Napalm Death

Song:           When All Is Said and Done

Album:        Smear Campaign

Producer:    Russ Russell

Label:          Century Media

Year:           2006

People can believe (and even practice) both religion and science. The choice to shun either is conscious, as is the choice to shun those who adhere solely to one or the other. The divide isn’t real. We’re all here together and can either spend our time vexing one another or acting for one another’s benefit. But first we must make the effort to see beyond ourselves.

Excerpt from ‘Unreality’
It was an age-old maneuver: when addressing a group of angry halfwits, ask questions leading to some more-generalized inflammatory point than whatever brought you to their attention.

Blindness feeds the world to madness
Faith’s crumbling, there’s no doubt about it
Religion and science fighting a new kind of war

Helpless – wander the streets in desperation
Fearless – to the path they tread
Shameless – the powers that butcher
Ignorant to the deeds that they commit

When all is said and done
Heaven lies in my heart
No slave to beliefs that propagate pain
When all is said and done
Heaven lies in our hearts
This life is a gift to be lived and loved

Fracturing the structure of nature
Iconic catalysts to slaughter
A stalemate bursting bound by contradictions

Heartless – divine blueprints of hatred
Selfless – Diseased masterplans
Shameless – the powers that butcher
Ignorant to the deeds that they commit

Decoded treachery shielding the tyranny
Black Bible tyrants behind masks of righteousness
Relentless – the onslaught of misunderstanding
Descending into a unified chaos

One more chance for a shot at redemption
Lost within, can we summon the might?


‘Protest 100’s mission is two-fold: dispelling the myth that heavy metal is a brainless, socially unaware music genre, and raising awareness of the issues facing our country in the Nov. 3, 2020 election. The path won’t be exclusively metal—some punk and rap and other stuff will be in here too, including the classics—and is not a ranking. All songs are songs I’ve heard while putting this list together, ordered in a manner designed to entertain and educate.

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