Protest 100: Nuclear Assault – ‘Critical Mass’

Artist:          Nuclear Assault

Song:           Critical Mass

Album:        Handle With Care

Producer:    Randy Burns

Label:          In-Effect

Year:           1989

There’s still just one Earth

Excerpt from ‘Unreality’
Critics complained that knowing such events might be broadcast helped catalyze the behavior to be chronicled, abetting lawlessness and the general erosion of the country’s moral fiber.


The bio-sphere, the place we live
It seems like we don’t give a damn
Other species flushed down the tubes
We need another race to rape
The way we live we will destroy
Every other living thing
‘Til none are left except our race
And then we will destroy ourselves

Another oil spill
Atomic waste displaced
Another forest dies
Bring on the acid rain

Slightly insane, the type of greed
That makes a world unfit for life
Toxic wastes destroy the seas
While poison gas pollutes the air
A waste of life, while no one cares
The earth becomes a giant tomb
Critical mass will be achieved
And ruins will be all that’s left

Another oil spill
Atomic waste displaced
Another forest dies

A Hell on Earth, what we create
Dragging life to death with us
All living things destroyed or used
By shortsighted human beeings
We do these things, let them be done
Apathy creates despair
The damage done will be too great
The world wounded beyond repair

Another oil spill
Atomic waste displaced
Another forest dies


‘Protest 100’s mission is two-fold: dispelling the myth that heavy metal is a brainless, socially unaware music genre, and raising awareness of the issues facing our country in the Nov. 3, 2020 election. The path won’t be exclusively metal—some punk and rap and other stuff will be in here too, including the classics—and is not a ranking. All songs are songs I’ve heard while putting this list together, ordered in a manner designed to entertain and educate.

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