dUNETX – ‘Get It Together’

It’s amazing how fresh some things can sound. Like, always. dUNETX sounded current 25 years ago. Guess what. They still sound happening in the 21st century.

New track ‘Get It Together’ puts you on a playground from the jump. You know that feeling when you’ve hit the sweet spot on the merry-go-round? Holding on just fine but going fast enough that it feels like you’re flying. That’s where you are when this song begins.

What follows is what you might get if the Partridge Family were a rock band that smoked weed and played loud, swirly poppy happiness with grit. The bridge slows things down but gets rhythmic rather than dreamy, followed by a solo that’s both!

Nestled in the same neighborhood as Tripping Daisy and The Dandy Warhols, ‘Get It Together’ is dUNETX at their Primal Scream-iest.

“Why don’t you just fly-eye-eye so high?”/like a kite string that never pops/ “Oh hell yeahhhh!”

You can snag ‘Get It Together’ at your favorite streaming site. And the good news doesn’t stop there. The classic dUNETX albums ‘Machowagon’ and ‘Goldenarm’ are also available for the first time on all major streaming platforms.

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