Unreality Check #15: Humans Are Funny

From Morning Consult. Nearly 3 in 5 unvaccinated adults say $1,000 would sway them to get a COVID-19 shot. What about their moral objections? Or the “fact” that it’s “unsafe” or will even “kill you?” Or “butt out government!” Maybe these people are the 40%. Either way, sheeesh. Maybe just go get vaccinated?

From the Inbox:

“My name is Adam Chodikoff, and I am an Associate Producer with “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” – this may shock you, but none of us in the late night comedy world are required to be pipeline experts, so I wanted to turn to experts to fact check this statement: considering how fast the pipeline operations were restored, the sole reason for the shortages over the past few days was panic buying. Some sources seem to be saying that – wanted to check with you guys to see if that’s true. Thanks!”

I told Adam that, yes, Trevor could safely say the shortages were consumer created. it was a planned shutdown initiated by the company to ensure the pipeline itself actually was secure. they could have started flows again at any point once that determination was made and as it was did so two days earlier than they had initially thought might be required.

Or, as the New Yorker put it…

Come on! We need to go wait hours in line to buy gas before the price goes back down!