Space, The Final Frontier

Something I wrote 5 years ago, this part of which hasn’t lost its currency.

“Those who believe that NASA, the JPL, and all the other researchers who participate in their efforts are a waste of resources are wrong. Moreover, these people deserve the lazy, ill-tempered, video game-addled, socially inept humans they seem bent on creating. Ignorance is praised as a virtue, science derided, and to be a “know-nothing” accepted as a badge of honor. “Why learn about anything,” they’ll ask non-rhetorically, “we’ve got everything we need right here.” “Foreigners are bad. Anything not like us is bad. And as long as we teach the children thusly everything will turn out alright.”

What a crock of shit. Talk about dampening the human spirit! Well not me brother. I’m going to continue to aim high, knowing that doing so will itself enrich my life beyond anything else I can do…well, except for loving, but that’s a topic for a different screed.

The truth, both good and bad, lies in action.”

Click here to read the full article.

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