King’s X Most Beloved Song Ever: Sweet Set List 16

We’ve narrowed it down to the Top 16 most beloved King’s X songs ever! A bracket of 64 has been cut 75% by your votes, leaving the cream of the crop.

The choices are going to border on the impossible this time around, so I decided to have a little fun before getting back for the grudge matches.

Sixteen songs make a good rock set length in 2018. These are the 16 songs King’s X fans love most and I decided it would be cool to try and make killer set list from your choices. The results are below. I also found clips of each for your listening pleasure.

The more observant among you will note there are 18 songs on this list.

I took the liberty of re-adding ‘Pray,’ which didn’t make it out of the Round of 32, because it’s my favorite, it’s my setlist, and you guys got to pick all the rest of the songs!

The night also ends with a cover as the extra-special, set-closing, crowd-won’t-stop-cheering second encore. Not sure this is something King’s X has made a habit of (‘Manic Depression’ maybe?). But again, it’s my setlist and I think they’d do a great job with the song I’ve chosen. Just imagine it with the King’s X twist, Doug’s voice and bass tone, Jerry’s drums, Ty going off playing both the keyboard and guitar parts on his axe….it’d be awesome!

Let’s rock!



We Were Born To Be Loved

Black The Sky

We Are Finding Who We Are

It’s Love



Flies & Blue Skies


Out Of The Silent Planet


What Is This?

Fool You



Over My Head


Neven Been Any Reason (Head East cover)


Good night!

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